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Purpose of running this test:

Healthy levels of iodine are important for optimal thyroid function. Conversely, excess iodine support may affect lithium levels by interfering with its uptake from your GI tract. Lithium is important for B12 transport into the cell, so the goal is to get your iodine into the normal range, with lithium levels higher than iodine levels. The HMT gives you an iodine level, but the UTM/UEE does not. If your level of iodine on the HMT is out of balance, or if iodine issues are suspected, then this Urine Iodine Test can be run. Alternately, a topical iodine test can be done. A 2% solution of iodine is applied topically in a circular area about the size of silver dollar on your abdomen. The spot should be allowed to dry completely before putting clothing over it. Iodine can permanently stain clothes. The goal is for the spot to remain visible for 12 to 24 hours. If the iodine disappears within 12 hours, then it may indicate iodine deficiency which can be confirmed with this Urine Iodine Test, as well as a HMT. The topical iodine test indicates body iodine stores due to the fact that your skin absorbs iodine at the rate at which it is needed. There is some vaporization of iodine into the air, so this test is approximate.

Result This table contains the rationale behind my suggestions. These suggestions are for your consideration. Defer your choices to your own health care practitioner, as always..
Iodine Topical iodine is absorbed especially rapidly when your immune system is active due to infection or stress. In this case, for immune support consider T cell and B cell support capsules, Phosphatidyl Serine Complex (PS/PE/PC), Stress Foundation nucleotide blend, and Fenugreek, in conjunction with low dose iodine. Repeated topical iodine application as described above, may be sufficient to replenish iodine, as well as to serve as an indicator of the iodine levels in your body. Alternatively, low doses of Iodoral can be used, or Potassium Iodide, depending on your potassium levels. High levels of iodine can have side effects, in addition to impairing your uptake of lithium, which is critical for B12 transport. For this reason, the goal of this program is to keep iodine levels in the normal range without having high levels, or levels that exceed those of lithium.PABA, found in Ultimate B and Niacinamide, can be considered if you have concerns about thyroid autoimmunity. In addition, Coleus may help to support your thyroid.
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Related Tests to Run

The topical iodine test as well as a HMT, are useful for determining iodine levels in your body. You can also run a thyroid hormone profile from a urine sample or via a blood draw from your own doctor.


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