Why biochemical

Feel Good Biochemistry is a book that allows you to take control and chart your own path to health and wellness. Unlike my other books, it is not a book that you read all the way through once, garner the necessary information, and set aside …

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Chapter 1

Hair Elements

An ideal starting point for testing is to run a Hair Elements Analysis. I abbreviate this test to the acronym HMT. The HMT gives you a sense of the long term status of both toxic and essential minerals in your body. While the urine and …

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Chapter 2

Urine Toxic Metals and
Essential Elements Test

Looking at the Hair Elements Analysis (HMT) to determine the toxic and essential element content of your body is something like looking at the rings on a cross section of a tree. It gives you a longer term, more historical view of the …

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Chapter 3

Fecal Toxic Metal Test

A number of individuals tend to excrete toxins more readily through their stool rather than in urine or via hair. Particularly when there are imbalances in gut microbes and you are working to address the gut, you may see more …

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Chapter 4

Metabolic Analysis Profile Test

The Metabolic Analysis Profile (MAP test) gives information about intermediates in a number of biochemical pathways in your body. Important methylation cycle markers such as FIGLU, a marker for folate, and methylmalonic acid, a marker …

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Chapter 5

Urine Amino Acid Test

The Urine Amino Acids Test (UAA) gives you information about amino acids, the building blocks for the proteins in your body. Essential amino acids are those which must be in your diet. Your body cannot synthesize these. Non-essential …

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Chapter 6

CSA and GI Effect Tests

A key factor in multi-factorial conditions is the infectious disease burden you have in your body. In addition to blood testing for antibody titers for a range of bacterial and viral conditions, there are stool tests that can detect what …

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Chapter 7

Helicobacter pylori Testing

This test examines your stool for the antigenic components of the bacteria H. pylori that may be detected when you have an active H. Pylori infection. H.pylori has been associated with ulcers, acid reflux and cancer. My experience has been …

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Chapter 8

Oxidative Damage

Reactive oxygen species (ROS) can damage lipid, protein, and nucleic acid in your cells by oxidizing them. This increases the chemical stress in your body called oxidative stress. A result of oxidative stress is damage to your DNA, which …

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Chapter 9

Drinking Water Analysis

The Drinking Water Analysis Test determines if your drinking water is a source of the toxins noted on your other toxic metal tests, such as the HMT, UTM or FMT. For instance, if you are consistently excreting high doses of uranium, …

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Chapter 10

Iodine Test

Healthy levels of iodine are important for optimal thyroid function. Conversely, excess iodine support may affect lithium levels by interfering with its uptake from your GI tract. Lithium is important for B12 transport into the cell, so the goal …

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Chapter 11

Intestinal Permeability Test

Gastrointestinal malabsorption, or leaky gut, can reduce nutrient absorption, lower amino acid levels, be indicative of infection or inflammation in your gut, and negatively impact growth. It is very useful to have a sense of the degree to …

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Chapter 12

Hepatic Detox Profile Test

The Hepatic Detox Profile Test is used to determine the pressure under which your liver is functioning to address detoxification, and if extra liver support may be useful. In some cases, it reflects your ­­­exposure to toxins and your level …

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Chapter 13

Porphyrin Test

The Porphryin Test measures a group of organic compounds that play critical functions in your body. The best known porphyrin is heme, which gives the red pigment to your red blood cells. Heme is part of the hemoglobin molecule that …

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Chapter 14

Neopterin/Biopterin Test

The Neopterin / Biopterin Profile Urine Test assesses the levels of these important substrates in your body, biopterin being a breakdown product of tetrahydrobiopterin (BH4). BH4 is critical for neurotransmitter production and other …

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Chapter 15

Bone Resorption Assay

The Bone Resorption Assay is useful for assessing the need for natural bone support compounds in older adults, as well as for those of you with high levels of toxic minerals in your body, especially lead and cadmium. Lead and cadmium …

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Chapter 16

Neurotransmitter Test

This Neurotransmitter Test assays neurotransmitters that function in your brain and body in ways that define your personality and physical abilities. Low serotonin has been implicated in OCD, perseverative behavior, depression, …

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Chapter 17

Vaginosis Test

This Vaginosis Test is indicated when yeast and fungal markers are elevated on a MAP test, a CSA/GI test indicate that you have yeast or fungus, if you are an adult female with CFS or FM, or if you have symptoms of yeast infection or …

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Chapter 18

PLASMA Methylation Profile

While I prefer noninvasive testing, the Plasma Methylation Profile is the one test I recommend that does require a blood draw ordered by your doctor. This test measures the levels of intermediates in your methylation cycle that can be …

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Chapter 19

Celiac Test

Malabsorption, or leaky gut, can reduce nutrient absorption, minimize amino acid levels, reflect infection or inflammation in your gut, and deter growth. The Celiac Test is very useful for giving you a sense of the degree to which …

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Chapter 20

Vitamin D Blood Spot Test

The Vitamin D Blood Spot test may be helpful to assess your need for supplemental vitamin D, which is a factor in blood sugar balance, as well as bone integrity. Lead or cadmium are especially damaging to bone. High levels of these toxic …

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